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Alexandre Pivain

Alexandre Pivain

Vegan food consultant

Following several varied experiences in large companies and start-ups in food tech, Alexandre has developed skills in the sectors of agribusiness, distribution (GMS and RHD) and logistics. He participates in strategy consulting missions for the Gentle Gourmet.

Corinne Aubert

Corinne Aubert

Admission coordinator

Cooking is also often carried out outside of personal quarters, for example at restaurants, or schools. Bakeries were one of the earliest forms of cooking outside the home, and bakeries in the past often offer the cooking of food provided by their customers as an additional service. Now factory food preparation is common.

Deborah Brown Pivain

Deborah Brown Pivain, of American origin but resident of France since her arrival as an international affairs student in 1978, is the creator of the Gentle Gourmet ( B&B, restaurant, caterer, culinary school( 2008), the international Vegan Culinary Society ( 2007), the Paris Vegan Day association and festivals ( 2009) and the vegan retreat Domaine de Broc Fontaine in Normandy…

Coming summer 2020 GGI's 1st edition

A Gentle Gourmet in Paris

From the inception in 2008 of an idea and an ideal of how the creation of an across the board vegan gastronomy could be the big bang for veganism in France through the Gentle Gourmet B&B, the Paris Vegan Day festivals to the GG Café and GG Paris gourmet restaurant to catering weddings around France and finally back to the original plan – a fully gastronomic vegan culinary institute – follow Gentle gourmet founder Deborah Brown Pivain, on her roller coaster saga of veganizing the city of light!

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What Our Students Say


“I attended my first vegan cooking class ever just yesterday. I was so impressed! The staff was extremely knowledgable and personable, and kept the night moving with precise efficiency. My class had 3 person in it so we all were able to try making every part of every dish. All 6 dishes were amazing, and each one was comprised of a number of sub recipes which could be used in many other applications. The “vegan shrimp” sliders are a good example – they had an amazing batter recipe on that could be used on many other foods, plus an onion relish that would be amazing on so many dishes, and a spicy vegan mayo that would go well on any sandwich. To make the sliders we also learned knife skills, deep frying skills, and general kitchen safety skills. There were five other dishes of equal complexity that taught a wide range of techniques. I will definitely be going back and recommend this to anyone!”

Carrie Palmer

Restaurant owner in Belgium

Chef Deborah never ceases to amaze us with the way she makes it so easy for us to eat vegan and healthy. Thanks so much for our recent class.

Melissa Hart

Owner of a vegan catering in the South of France

In addition to having the opportunity to study in a multicultural environment, Gentle Gourmet Institute gave me the tools and motivation to be able to achieve my goal: to open my own vegan shop.

Franck Davis

Futur owner of a vegan restaurant (Mid 2020)

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