The Galette des Rois : a French dessert for the Epiphany

Making the Galette Des Rois for  the French Epiphany

When we learn to make puff pastry at the Gentle Gourmet Institute we are at the same time entering into the world of French traditions dating back hundreds of years. All the while learning about doughs and turns students live throughout the makings of these iconic and symbolic pastries and traditions that accompany them, the little joys that millions of French persons do on special occasions and just in every day life.

One of the most popular traditions is that of the Galettes des Rois – the cake of the Kings which is made for the  celebration of the Epiphany  – the arrival of the three wise men in Bethlehem – on January 6th. For a week before and weeks after, every bakery, pastry shop and  food store is teeming with  this delicious round puff pastry creation full of almondy frangipane  cream and a little porcelaine figurine , which if found in the eater’s slice, makes him king or queen of the day

Of course we take some liberty with this tradition, making the galettes des rois several times a year  and somehow every  students becomes king or queen of the day !


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