Deborah Brown Pivain

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The pioneer of vegan gastronomy in Paris and founder of the Gentle Gourmet invites you to discover along with her the amazing world of plant-based cuisine and pastry.

Deborah Brown Pivain, of American origin but resident of France since her arrival as an international affairs student in 1978, is the creator of the Gentle Gourmet ( B&B, restaurant, caterer, culinary school( 2008), the international Vegan Culinary Society ( 2007), the Paris Vegan Day association and festivals ( 2009) and the vegan retreat Domaine de Broc Fontaine in Normandy France 2015.

Along with her daughter chef Caroline Pivain Quan-Ngoc and son Alexander Pivain they composed the team that introduced veganism and vegan cuisine into Paris . Their festivals made the word veganism come out of the closet and as a concept that could be coupled with the word gourmet. Their restaurant ( 2012-2019) was considered one of the top three vegan gourmet restaurants in the world and catered all of France’s first vegan weddings , taking them to all corners of the country. Their culinary classes were gaining in importance so in 2019 the big decision was to go back to their original project and vision of a culinary institute that would progressively train a vegan army of culinary and pastry chefs and food producers.

Deborah has a life-long experience in vegetarian then vegan cuisine and is an avid veganic gardener and expert in fruits and vegetables, passion that she shares with her students from around the world. All her students acknowledge that she is highly dedicated to helping her students become the best cooks possible and to realizing their dreams!