Teaching a contemporary Art de vivre: gourmet, vegan, seasonal, local and no-waste

One of the most interesting aspects of our program is the sophisticated teaching of beautiful  vegan gourmet foods that  attempt to incorporate the goal of using the most of local, seasonal , organic foods where waste is reduced to a minimum.

Gentle Gourmet was the precurseur of fine vegan food in Paris, introducing veganism to the French public and putting ot bed the idea that vegan meant simply lettuce and hummous as a diet. We have now taken things furthe rot show that all food styles, even the most high-end culinary creations can still be made from primarily locally-sourced foods, of the season and while using optimally all parts of the ingredients .

Our programs are destined to train the new culinary professional whose goal is to create beautiful food all the while improving the worl through his work.