Intensive and comprehensive professional culinary training

In what way is Gentle Gourmet’s program intensive?

Each two-week program covers the equivalent of over 5 weeks material in a normal culinary school. This is done by keeping classes to a maximum of 5 students, by preparing  very concentrated theoretical material and by having a rhythm and organization that permits students to advance quickly  in culinary learning and excution.

In what way is Gentle Gourmet’s program comprehensive?

Each program, comprised of three or four courses covers every aspect of the subject , from the ingredients ( their varieties, origins, seasonality, qualities, availability, nutritional aspects)  to the whole range of technical  and creative skills needed to produce great food, to how to put it all together in great dishes and pastries, to  how and in what context  to make up the menus coherent with the concept and venue.

No other vegan school on the planet has such a comprehensive and intensive vegan program.