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  • Mastering the World of Plant-based Ingredients

    Alain Ducasse, probably the world’s most famous chef wrote that what made up a great chef was 5% talent, 35% the learned techniques and 60% the knowledge of and ability to select the ingredients that go to making a great dishes.

    This very ground-breaking class  will introduce you to literally every category of plant-based foods – some common, but in an interesting variety, some little known but essential for a creative chef to have at his disposition.

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  • Introduction to Vegan Pastry

    1. Intro to Vegan Pastry Class January 6th – 17th, 2020

    The making of vegan pastries and desserts requires a high level of knowledge of both precise ingredients and a true, analyzed sense of the techniques necessary to achieve the desired outcome. In this class we will first give structure to the world of pastries by categorizing them and describing their components in detail, then learning about some of the basic ingredients ( flours, sugars, leavening)  and especially all the flavors we can infuse our pastries with that are used in pastry making.  After we will go on to the adventure and challenge of using the ingredients that are specific to vegan pastry in order to make classical and contemporary pastries.

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