Nothing Like a Homemade Pasta

It was June, I was in Rome, and had just walked into an incredible store and workshop where they produce what seemed to be dozens and dozens of different pastas of every shape and color possible. I thought I was in heaven till I asked if they were all without egg . Only two of them were  and of course I asked if it was really a necessity to put egg into the pasta dough. The answer was a yes-no-yes – maybe that Italians do very well!  So I decided that I would learn – what flours are best to make the doughs as tender as the dough that has egg yolk in it? Does the water used change the dough? How best to knead? Does drying with a breeze help ( yes!) Can any other ingredient add the fat and protein that egg yolk does?

Like all our investigations and experiments in advancing vegan cuisine , the first step is to determine what role the ingredient that we want to take out played. And how can we perfect every other step to compensate for ingredients difficult to replace. Only this will help us reconstruct a gastronomy that is  truly rich and diversified .

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