Vegan Cuisine II – Mastering Culinary Principles and Techniques

Armed with a thorough knowledge of the ingredients that can be use to make fantastic , seasonal vegan cuisine, of all that constitutes taste , this next class  will  develop a professional chef’s attitude, vision and technical capabilities.

From simmering to roasting, blanching to deep-frying, from nut-crusting seitan to tempurah battering marinated tofu – this is the course where you will be thrown into intensive cooking across the vegan culinary range to be introduced to or to master professional vegan cuisine.


Highlights of the Cooking Class

Duration:  2 weeks
Availability: November 16th-27th 2020
Highlights:  This class will make you think and cook like a chef
Location/Meeting place: Gentle Gourmet Institute, Domaine de Broc Fontaine, Brosville, Normandy France
Language: English/French
Price: 2950 EUROS (all materials, vests, notebooks and Monday to Thursday lunches included)

Notes: This class permits in-depth knowledge of what the range of cooking possibilities are. Class are from Monday to Friday, starting at 9am till 5:30pm except Fridays class ends who finishes at noon


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