Plated desserts, Petits fours and Photography

Our newest pastry class takes desserts to another level for the  current or future restaurant or caterering professional.

Destructured desserts and general dessert plating require  technical and  artistic culinary skills. In this class we endeavour to breakdown into sections and themes what you need to know to achieve harmonious and attractive dessert plates.

The second part of the course concerns making miniature gem pastries  – petits fours – and verrines that will amaze your catering clients. These  creations require many qualities from the conception, to the ingredients to the actual execution and this week will get you on the path of mastering these.

Highlights of the Cooking Class

Duration: two weeks (Mon – Fri 9am to  5:30 pm except Fridays class ends at noon)
Availability: June 8 -19th, 2020
Highlights: Preparation of a traditional Portuguese meal and Dinner (wine included)
Location/Meeting place: Gentle Gourmet Institute, Paris France
Language: English/French
Price: 2950 EUROS (all materials, vests, notebooks and Monday to Thursday lunches included)
Notes: This class  develops not only the ability to make beautiful plated desserts and petits fours but how to photograph them for use in your social media marketing. Studying shapes, color associations, the plates to choose will all be covered.


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