Mastering the World of Plant-based Ingredients

Alain Ducasse, probably the world’s most famous chef wrote that what made up a great chef was 5% talent, 35% the learned techniques and 60% the knowledge of and ability to select the ingredients that go to making a great dishes.

This very ground-breaking class  will introduce you to literally every category of plant-based foods – some common, but in an interesting variety, some little known but essential for a creative chef to have at his disposition.

We will study, taste and test

Vegetables ( + 40 different ) from asparagus to zucchini

Mushrooms ( +10 different) from chanterelles to enoki to portobellos and truffles

Sea weeds and vegetables ( + 10)  Dulse, wakame , sea lettuce, salicornia

Spices and herbs, salts and peppers (+ 50 !)

Oils, vinegars  and condiments  ( + 40)   olive, hazelnut, pistachios, sunflower,  etc

Meat  and seafood substitutes

Egg and cheese substitutes

Highlights of the Cooking Class

Duration: two weeks (Mon – Fri 9am to  5:30 pm except Fridays class ends at noon)

Availability:  2-13 mars, 2020
Highlights: Visits to specialty markets, producers and food shops
Location/Meeting place: Gentle Gourmet Institute
Language: English/French
Price: 2950 EUROS (all materials, vests, notebooks and Monday to Thursday lunches included)
Notes: Probably the most important foundational course available for future vegan chefs.


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