Vegan Cuisine I -Mastering Ingredients, Influences and the Flavor Equation

Alain Ducasse, probably the world’s most famous chef wrote that what made up a great chef was 5% talent, 35% the learned techniques and 60% the knowledge of and ability to select the ingredients that go to making a great dishes. In addition, so much of contemporary cuisine is the result of a fusion of influences from other countries that it is important to understand further what these influences are  and how to incorporate them. Lastly, all cooks need to understand what makes up great flavor and what one can do to make great dishes.

This very ground-breaking class  will introduce you to literally every category of plant-based foods – some common, but in a more interesting variety, some little known but essential for a creative chef to have at his disposition. All the keys to making extraordinary food will be studied!

We will study, taste and test :

Vegetables ( + 40 different ) from asparagus to zucchini

Mushrooms ( +10 different) from chanterelles to enoki to portobellos and truffles

Sea weeds and vegetables ( + 10)  Dulse, wakame , sea lettuce, salicornia

Spices and herbs, salts and peppers (+ 50 !)

Oils, vinegars  and condiments ( + 40) olive, hazelnut, pistachios, sunflower,  etc

Meat and seafood substitutes

Egg and cheese substitutes

Highlights of the Cooking Class

Duration: two weeks (Mon – Fri 9am to  5:30 pm except Fridays class ends at noon

Availability:  November 2nd – 13th 2020
Highlights: Visits to specialty markets, producers and food shops
Location/Meeting place: Gentle Gourmet Institute
Language: English/French
Price: 2950 EUROS (all materials, vests, notebooks and Monday to Thursday lunches included)
Notes: Probably the most important foundational course available for future vegan chefs.


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