Mastering Aquafaba and Flaxseed Class

The goal of this class is to explore how we veganize desserts and pastries where egg whites played an important part. Every year progress is being made in this very delicate operation! We will cover not only aquafaba but also flax seed gel which is a newcomer in the vegan pastry world.

We will study intensively :

Meringues and pavlovas
Mousse and soufflés
Lady fingers
Dacquoise, succès et progrès and the famous desserts made with
Risen donuts from around the world
The use of colorings and flavorings
Photographing pastry

Highlights of the Cooking Class

Duration:  Two weeks (Monday – Friday 9am to  5:30 pm except Fridays class ends at noon)
Availability:  May 11 – 22, 2020
Highlights:   Deep study of not only aquafaba based desserts but of understanding the baking process and the choice of ovens and settings for superior results.
Location/Meeting place:  Gentle Gourmet Institute

Language: English/French
Price: 2950 EUROS (all materials, vests, notebooks and Monday to Thursday lunches included)
Notes:  An incredible adventure into the icons of French pastries and how to capture them in photos

Starts In: