Advanced Vegan Pastry

Our Advanced Vegan Pastry class will introduce you to some of the more technical aspects of pastry and dessert making. We will study and execute :

– The making of normal and risen puff pastry and the execution of mille feuilles pastries, galettes des Rois, croissants, pain aux raisins and pain au chocolat, apple turnovers
– The making of choux pastry and the execution of filled choux, eclairs, Paris-Brest and St Honoré pastries.
– An in depth study of chocolate ( origins, production, tempering, decorating and pastry making from chocolate cupcakes, to fondant to truffles , and other chocolate creations)
– Introduction to ice-cream and frozen desserts such as baked Alaskan, Profiteroles, Nougat glacé.

Highlights of the Cooking Class

Duration: Two weeks – from Monday to Friday (Starting hour: 9am; Ending hour: 5:30 pm except on Fridays at noon)
Availability: February 3rd – 14th 2020
Highlights:  Visit to chocolate workshop; making a croquembouche!
Location/Meeting place:  Gentle Gourmet Institute
Language: English/ French
Price: 2950 EUROS (all materials, vests, notebooks and Monday to Thursday lunches included)
Notes:  This class will permit a wide range of desserts for a wide range of culinary establishments, both restaurants, cafés and boutiques.


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