The Seasonal Chef : January’s best

When the new year begins, we are barely recovering from the festivities and the holiday season which have generally been synonymous with over indulgence. So, on the food side, we only want one thing: make it light. Despite the lack of sun, January can provide an amazing variety of fruits and vegetables for extrememly delicious and healthy culinary creations.

The leek
2 colors and 2 different textures that delight the eyes and the taste buds. You can use leek just as much in traditional soups or stews as in pies or in a good leek fondue. Remember that it needs to be cooked slowly to achieve a silky texture and beautiful aroma.

As soon as winter comes to an end, the chicory takes the opportunity to make a come back noticed on market stalls! Whether you like it green, red or yellow, raw or cooked, endive is sometimes disliked for its bitterness. But don’t worry: to savor this January vegetable without bitterness, you just have to remove the small cone at the base of the chicory, or brown it in agave syrup or sugar …

there is a January vegetable that loves to simmer in hot broths … celery root! Be sure to choose a good-sized celery, the ball should feel very heavy ball, be not stained, and which does not sound hollow when you tap on it.

The carrot
The carrot, is available almost all year round but to make the most of its flavor buy it in January! Carrots can be prepared in salads but even better cooked, roasted, in soups, gratin, purées, in mini quiches with cumin …

The cabbage
January is THE cruciferous month. It is the full season of white cabbage, red cabbage, kale, but also their distant cousins, Brussels sprout ( one of the most nutrient vegetables on the planet) and Chinese cabbage! The hardest part of all of this will probably be choosing from all the excellent cabbage recipes that exist …

Salsify is one of those forgotten vegetables that have come back little by little to the forefront of the culinary scene in recent years. January is the season to buy fresh salsifis! Easy to prepare, the salsify is delicious in very comforting winter gratins. In addition, it is very low in calories.

Jerusalem artichoke
Jerusalem artichoke
Jerusalem artichoke is another vegetable that was almost forgotten but has made an incredible come-back. You can prepare it in soup, mash, gratin, or just pan-fry or steam it to accompany a meat. The hardest part of Jerusalem artichokes, sometimes called sunchokes is peeling them but they are worth all the effort for their delicate and nutty artichoke taste.

Lamb’s lettuce
Lamb’s lettuce is really THE salad to favor in January as it is a very low-calorie vegetable, whose little nutty taste and high level of omega 3 make it a great addition to healthy winter diets. In addition, the lamb’s lettuce is very filling and has appetite-suppressing properties that could not be more interesting.


Turnips are very interesting in salads and in soups and are another very healthy vegetable to add to a winter dish. They can be grated and made into little pancakes, stewed and made into a puréé to go with grilled seitan.


The potato is quite simply one of the favorite vegetables in France. Available year-round, some of the best varieties can be found in January.

They can be made into fries, purees, gratins, soups, stewed, baked, boiled!! The possibilities are endless ! And if you want to innovate a bit, the sweet potato, with its super healthy bright orange flesh and sweet smooth taste is a fantastic way to brighten up a winter table!

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