10 first steps towards zero-waste in the kitchen

It often seems that we throw away more than we actually consume of our food purchases, be it from packaging or peelings. For people in the food industry – restaurants, bakeries, caterers, the need to reduce this waste through purchasing differently and also cooking differently has rarely been acknowledged as it seems impossible to achieve any significant progress.

Very simply, we can start slowly, for example with the peelings and pods of the produce we use for our dishes. Instead of discarding your vegetable peels, your tops, your pods, your fruit peels, remember to keep them , to use them, to cook them.
Ecological, economical and just plain good, there is only positive sides to going toards a zero waste kitchen. Chefs around the world are getting involved in this movement which they hope will set off a movement for a wiser use of our precious food sources.
Yes, it is possible to cook your skins by accommodating them and even to concoct delicious recipes that may surprise your taste buds by the taste: soups, pies, mashed potatoes,, so many recipes that can be made with your leftovers. Nothing throws itself, everything changes!

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